Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's a small world!

So, today I'm at the day job **oh how I love my job!** and I get a phone call for a payment over the phone. As always I ask if they would like an emailed receipt sent to them. As I'm getting the email address I FREAK OUT! Not in a bad way... in a way AWESOME way! I LOVE pINK... and chocolate *not just the edible kind either* and my email is thepINKtornado the email I'm typing is pINK..... Can you say insta-connect! We both enjoy the same kind of things and even our "jobs" are similar. She loves to get her craft on and enjoys scrapbooking too! Like she said, "you're like a sister from another mother!" **that's something I say too!!!
So... Miss "J" if you will email me your snail mail... I have a present for you!
Happy HAPPY  day! Oh how I love to live life out LOUD!!

Now, go create something and share it with me!
Cre8 with me

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