Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is a long one...

What a month it has been.
I scheduled my Idea Book Launch Crop and began to create goody boxes, displays, workshops, classes and cards for Operation Write Home.  All of the invitations were mailed and the ability to register online right here on my site.  Then on the 3rd of this month I received a call that my dad had masses on his lungs and they believed it was lung cancer.  Saturday the 4th he was admitted into the hospital and on Monday he was released from the hospital to be able to go home and be made comfortable.  Tuesday the 7th we received the call that if we wanted to see him one more time, we needed to get to Texas, 1500 miles away.  My sister-in-law and  9 month old daughter, my sister and her 13 year old daughter, my 27 year old son and myself loaded into my van and set out from Twin Falls, Idaho to Belton, Texas.  Miracles were abundant on this journey. My 23 year old daughter who had traveled with us to Utah to pick up my brother and continue on our way. My brother had been working/living in Vernal, UT as had my DD#1's BF and she brought all of their apartment supplies and her BF back to Idaho.
The alternator on my DD's vehicle went out 5 miles before the exit, yet didn't die until it was right in front of a Firestone repair place. The employees from there came and pushed her vehicle into the parking lot. Repaired the vehicle and she and her BF were on their way back to Idaho. Two miles past the rest area just inside the Idaho border the rear passenger wheel flew off the axle.  My Uncle was able to come and get her and her BF get them to my home safely about the same time the tow truck arrived to pick up the broken vehicle.
We drove all night, only stopping for gas and a quick bathroom visit. Just outside of Abilene the front driver tire on my van blew.  Blessedly I was able to pull over to the side of the road, where we changed the tire and were on our way to find a replacement tire. *NASCAR would have been impressed!  Once again we found ourselves at a Firestone store, where they quickly had us repaired and back on the road.
As we were coming through Comanche, Texas there was a sudden down pour of rain and lightening was striking in the field we were driving by. At one point the lightening bounced from the field and right next to the van and the phones in the van all kind of freaked out for a little while.  When the phones started working again we phoned our brother who had driven from Florida and was with dad and our other brother to let them know where we were at.  We were still about an hour away and when we got to a certain point we called and my younger brother met us at the base of a bridge so we could follow him to my older brothers home where dad was at.
Dad had been told that we were nearly there. Upon arriving we were all able to talk with him and let him know that we all loved him.  My youngest brother with his wife introduced their daughter, the youngest grandchild to dad. We got our oldest sister on the phone so she could tell Dad good-bye, her son got married Saturday the 11, and she wasn't able to join us. We all knew that Dad had held on long enough for us to arrive and was ready to go Home. We took him into the bedroom where the boys laid him down to make him more comfortable, we let Dad know that it was okay for him to let go and go Home; to be with his parents, brother and other family members that had gone on before.  After our arrival at 7:15 our dad's spirit left this earth at 9:12 to join those members in heaven.
It has been a whirlwind of activity, getting everything in order, making sure things were done as Dad would have wanted them to be done and comforting each other through this loss. Tuesday the 14th, we all left Texas to bring dad's ashes home and Saturday the 18th, the day I was to have celebrated the new Idea Book, we lay my dad's ashes to rest in the family plot in Burley, Idaho.
The prayers, miracles and comforting words have been so numerous and the swelling of love and gratitude in my heart and the hearts of my family members is enormous.  I am so grateful for the blessings in my life, and each of you that come to this little corner of the internet are included in the blessings in my life.
I'm grateful for the art of scrapbooking and being able to tell the story of our lives through this "hobby". Value each moment, take time to enjoy it, share it with those you hold dear and write it down for those that will come after we are gone so that they too may know of the great love that you have inside of you.

Now, go create something and share it with me!
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