Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank YOU

While I was at work today, I realized that I've had this little spot on the internet for four (4) years now.  I have shared tid-bits of creative information, artwork I've created, some of the causes that are near and dear to my heart and stories of my life.  While I've been here I've found and shared great sites, products that I believe in and stories that have touched me.
There isn't a post that I've put on this wall that I haven't thought, "What will those that come here think of this?"
"Will the individual reading or looking at this post have their day made a little bit brighter?" "Is what I'm offering here a benefit to those that come by?"  As these thoughts and many others race through my head I hope that the responses to these and so many other questions I have are answered in a positive way.
I would like to thank each of you that spend some time in my "whirlwind" find it a little if not a lot uplifting and informative.
I would also like to let you know that I am overjoyed when comments are left for me to read, confirming that you do like what I'm offering just a little bit.

I hope that you will continue to leave a comment or two *or more* :D, share my little corner with your friends and family and visit often.

Now, go create something and share it with me!
Cre8 with me

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