Thursday, March 22, 2012

On more reason...

I love @Fiskars_HQ!  I have always used Fiskars trimmers for my paper crafting, I love the ease of being able to see the measurements, lines and numbers so clearly on the face of the trimmer allowing me to cut accurately. Well, I use my trimmer EVERY day no kidding, I really do. So as I use my trimmer after awhile the numbers and lines on the end that I cut on start to wear off. As the numbers begin to fade and eventually are gone, I simply get another trimmer and proceed to complete the "circle of my trimmer life".
A week or so ago, I was talking with fellow crafters and the topic of trimmers came up. Which one they preferred etc. I mentioned that I LOVE the Fiskars trimmer other than the fact that I have a tendency to go through them because I wear off the numbers and lines.  I was quite surprised when the collective reply was, "You're kidding? You wear the numbers off?"
I've tried everything, I've tried clear nail polish, clear coating and still I wear the numbers and lines off.
I thought that I'd contact the company and find out what I was doing "wrong" to have this happen time after time, and I did.  I received an email from Nikki from Fiskars asking me how many I had in my possesion with the numbers worn off. I went my scrap-room in Twin and found 3, so I emailed Nikki and let her know.  Well, I got home to Rupert and in my scrap-room there I found another 3. *I know 6 trimmers*  (I didn't re-email Nikki with the updated number)
Today I received a reply from Nikki, "Thank you Shelly.  We will replace these 3 that you have.  Your replacements will ship within 5-7 business days. We appreciate you choosing Fiskars products."

Now you understand my "One more reason I<3 @Fiskars_HQ. 

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