Thursday, February 10, 2011

WHAT A WHIRLWIND 2011 has been so far!!!

Here we go! 2010 closed with a resounding THUD... avenues, streets, detours and U-turns have made for quite a journey. One that I am grateful that I was able to travel and am even more grateful that particular journey is over.

January 1, 2011 I won a year supply of Kiwi-Loco frozen yogurt... 1/week for the entire year can you say YUMMY!!!
January 2, 2011, saw that a very dear friend was online late at night... said, "Hey there, happy new year" He replied, "You too" I asked if he'd gone out and celebrated, he told me that he hadn't and that I probably hadn't either since I was married. I told him that I was not... he asked really.. told him the demise of my marriage and then... wonder of wonder miracle of miracles he confesses that he has had a crush on me for 30+ years! I then confess that I have had a crush on him for the same amount of time... He asks me out for a date on FRIDAY!!! We talk until the wee hours of the morning until I absolutely have to go, so I can get to work and he tells me that he'll call/text me later.
Januray 3, 2011, I go to work floating on air amazed by the events of the previous evening, thinking of all that we had talked about *we talked about a LOT* of things! When he texts me, I love technology! We text each other all morning. He takes his mom to run her errands and then asks me if I'd go to lunch with him TODAY, of course I say YES! He comes up and we go to lunch... 3 hours later we get finished with lunch and he drives me home. I had an appointment to go to a friends house that I'd already delayed two hours and as he is holding the door to my car so I can get in, I turn to tell him that I've had a wonderful time when he puts his arms around me, pulls me close and kisses me! WHAT A KISS! What a feeling! What pure JOY!
January 4 - January 27 --- Constant talking, texting and going on dates.
JANUARY 28, 2011 - Talking on and off all day about the things that Darin has been doing, what I've been doing and me trying to get him to come up right then... Darin telling me I needed to come down there *did I mention that we live 46.5 miles away from each other?* Me trying to get him to bring his son and the Wii up here, them telling me to come down there because Darin has something for me, Eric, Darin's son, telling me that I need to "just come down now". Who am I to argue? I tell Darin that they win... I'll be down soon.
I drive down with all sorts of thought racing through my head, one right after the other. When I get there I get hugs and kisses from both of "my guys" and watch Eric as he enjoys playing the new Wii game that his dad has given him. Darin then goes out to his truck to get his new phone to show me, and at the same time hands me the funds I'm short on my power bill. *yes I start to get all teary* I go over and sit on his lap and tell him how thankful I am and how much I love him. When I sit up he has a little white box in his hand and says, "I know that what we have is always and forever. Will you marry me, when the time is right?" I sit there in stunned silence, my heart racing and slowly begin to nod my head as I tell him, "Yes!"
present -- a day doesn't go by where Darin & I haven't either talked or texted one another. We are able to see each other on weekends and a couple of days during the week. People ask if we have a date set for our wedding. We don't. We are simply enjoying every moment we have together and when the time is right we will get married. Right now it is enough to know that he hold my heart and soul tenderly and securely as I hold his. I truly am living the dream I didn't ever think was possible.

So... we are so happy with life and where we are going together, side-by-side, and I look forward to posting the creative things that I am going to get done and sharing them with you!

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