Monday, September 20, 2010

Still not quite caught up...

I am getting a LOT closer to being completely caught up... perhaps in the next day or two.
There have been several challenges that truly have been a challenge for me they will be in RED.

DAY 168 - SSS -- super sketchy Sunday
DAY 169 -- A certain Sentiment "a little bird told me..."

DAY 170 – Tuesday Triples *3 of each* Buttons, Flowers, Circles* Green

DAY 171 – Wacky Color Wednesday = Brown, Grey & Yellow

DAY 172 – DO OVER… a card you created and didn’t like… re-create it!

DAY 173 – Don’t Forget Your Purse

DAY 174 – Sing along Saturday “I Hope You Dance”

DAY 175 – SSS –Super Sketchy Sunday

DAY 176—Pierce & Piece – 2 techniques Paper Piecing & Paper Piecing

DAY 177 – Color 4 ways… add color to your card 4 different ways… I sanded, sponged, tore and ribbon

DAY 178—Imagine this… *Sugar*

DAY 179 – WHITE SPACE… something I’m really starting to like… and I didn’t to begin with! J

DAY 180—keep it Simple – 1 Stamped Image, 1 B&T (patterned paper) and 1 Ribbon

DAY 181—Opposite Day – think of something then do the OPPOSITE

DAY 182—SSS – Super Sketchy Sunday

DAY 183—Digging Deep – Use the following:
an item NOT paper 6 months old, 2 B&T never used, Embellishment over 1 yr old and a stamp that is over a year old and hasn’t been used

DAY 184—Opposites Attract – 1 Color you LOVE – 1 color you really don’t care for

DAY 185 – shape up – card must have a minimum of 5 sides… mine has 6

DAY 186—Ad Inspired…

DAY 187—Favorite Friday – Incorporate your favorite food or beverage

DAY 188—Divide and conquer – 6 separate sections

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