Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, I know that it is after 11:59 yet I am caught up! That is with the exception of tomorrow which is actually today since it is after midnight... I'll do tomorrows today and will really be all caught up then!
SSS... Day 203

Day 204 -- White Space

Day 205 -- Sweet Smellin'

Day 206 - Setting the Scene -- Winter Wonderland

Day 207 - It's My Business... i liked this one... the stamp set used is retired... sorry.. I still like it!

Day 208 - Quite a Pair -- 1 Blossom 1 Brad ** I didn't have a "brad" the right size, so I improvised!

Day 209 - keep it Simple -- 1 Image, 1 Sentiment, 1/3 of the space used.. again there is a problem with my counting... My image and sentiment... let's count them together as one.. what do you say!?

Day 210 SSS

There, now I'm off to bed to be up in about 4.5 hours... and let the day begin!


Hannah said...

So many great cards! The lion holding the business card is really cute :-)

TesaB said...

Great cards all of them! Love your take on the business card!!!

Rose said...

so many wonderful cards, i also love your business card :)

~amy~ said...

FUN seeing all of your creations!