Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 12 -- 365 Cards -- Circle Frenzy

What fun! I am so thrilled to be participating with th3 365 Cards. *Michelle Nist thank you for doing it first!* Circles circles everywhere. I love the Starstruck B&T and I love the Bitty Sparkles. "Wishes" card book pattern Circle Collection on pg 29 was my inspiration and then I went around and around with the sparkles. Hope you enjoy!


Michelle Nist said...

You are very welcome! How fun that you are going to play too!! :) I love this! And love the angle you used to show it off! Great choice!

Kim O'Rear said...

Fabulous card! I love that Michelle mentioned this challenge because I'm loving doing it too!

Rose said...

fantastic take on the challenge and wonderful card :) keep having FUN as that is what it is all about :)