Wednesday, December 16, 2009


felicity [fɪˈlɪsɪtɪ]n pl -ties
1. happiness; joy
2. a cause of happiness
3. an appropriate expression or style
4. the quality or display of such expressions or style
5. (Philosophy) Philosophy appropriateness (of a speech act). The performative I appoint you ambassador can only possess felicity if uttered by one in whom the authority for such appointments is vested
[from Latin fēlīcitās happiness, from fēlix happy]

That is the emotion you will experience when you take advantage of the National Paper Crafting special! Beautiful patterened paper, great colors and an amazing stamp set yours for only $34.95 or FREE with a $60 purchase of our amazing Acrylix stamps or with your order of $125 This amazing kit is available through the 31st of January or while supplies last. Check back the first of next week to see some projects using this wonderful paper!

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