Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a Day

Well, I went to the "day" job and got most of what I needed to do done. Then I was able to come home and check my email, relax for a few minutes and spend some time with my sister! She is a driver for FedEx and her route goes right by my home. Which makes it quite convenient for her to stop in, have lunch, take a little break and spend some time with me... her favorite sister! :)
I have been working on her granddaughters scrapbook and brought her downstairs to see what I'd done and she was thrilled! It doesn't matter how much I love what I've done it isn't quite the same as seeing the person that it is for their reaction. She and Jim, her sweetheart, had taken Haillie, their granddaughter, to the beach for the first time this past summer and got some really good pictures. So I used the pages that Michelle Snyder had created for a training and I'm so excited how they turned out. (**when I grow up... I want to be as creative as Michelle is!)
I'm going to be going on a scrapbook retreat this weekend and will be able to complete the last 2-3 pages for the series of beach pages then as one of my friends has the stamp set and will let me use it to finish! I don't go to the beach, so I didn't ever purchase it. *my rule to purchase... cost divided by number of times I'll use the set = whether or not I buy it or borrow it. So for instance ---- Stamp set is $18.95/will I use that set on 19 different projects = yes... the set is mine~~~ = NO... I find someone I can borrow the set from. That way I am investing in product that I am going to use multiple times and not purchase something that I'm only going to use once or twice or in the case of the sea shore set... 6 times. I have found that this really works for me and I am able to purchase other product that is more consumable ... chocolate cardstock, My Reflections kits... sand paper, distressing inks etc.
Well, it is late and I need to get a little sleep tonight.
Happy Scrappin!

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