Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fabulous WEEK!

Okay, I know that the week isn't quite over yet; however I have been very busy working in my scraproom and workshop area and am actually seeing progress! I have added some little changes in my workshop area, moved my extra set of inks over to where they are right beneath my extra set of markers (FSE) *faster, simpler and easier* I have also raised the light on the one wall so we won't be knocking our shoulders on it as we walk by (thanks Whitney for the idea), added a whiteboard for notes and sign up for open scraps along with prices for CS, B&T, brads, eyelets, buttons and ribbon for scrappers that want to purchase it during an open scrap.
In the scraproom... OMG Wade and Kasey both think all I'm doing is making a HUGE mess even messier. I have however purged quite a bit of stuff. I found the acronym for S.P.A.C.E and am using it, so you ask .... what is it??

I'm amazed how well it works when implemented! Imagine that utilize the tools you have and wonderous results occur!
Well, I'm back to the "dungeon" as Wade likes to call it to do more organizing! I'm so going to love it when it is all complete

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